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Make Your Industrial Spaces Smarter

Imagine a facility where every process is monitored in real time, decision making is automated and all objects are digitized. Leverage Artificial Intelligence, IoT and RTLS solutions to securely and efficiently manage on-site positioning, measurement and evaluation processes.

Real Time Monitoring
Increase safety and efficiency and reduce facility costs by monitoring Person, Asset and Ambient Sensors in real time.
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Motion and Status Monitoring
The entire life cycle in the facility is under control.
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Early Warning System
Instantly notify the people about the approaching danger in your facility with accident prevention and early warning systems.
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Machine Condition Monitoring and Measurement
Monitor your machinery and equipment in real time and check performance data.
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Emergency Assembly Management
Do not waste time searching people or assets in an emergency.
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Location Based Automatic Mission Tracking
Take advantage of our location-based solutions to remotely control critical tasks.
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Asset Location Tracking
Get the locations of valuable assets when needed. Don't waste your time searching.
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Guest Management
Invite your guests by email or sms. Perform faster entry and control with the mobile access card.
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Shift and Access Control
Access the most accurate personnel attendance control data with smart badges or mobile application. #personnel-follow-up #pdks #access-control-system
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Camera Control with Artificial Intelligence
Turn the existing cameras in your facility into a monitoring and information system that automatically controls your rules with artificial intelligence.
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How can cost savings and efficiency be achieved in facilities with Artificial Intelligence Supported IoT and RTLS solutions?

Our positioning systems are based on powerful software tools available within the Navbea platform®, an IoT and RTLS platform. For indoor tracking of objects and people, we have developed specialized hardware such as Navbea Locator readers, Navbea Locator tags and Navbea environmental monitoring sensors. Our systems enable successful implementation of RTLS solutions. We offer intuitive tools so you can benefit from end-to-end optimization of all processes and resources.

Leverage artificial intelligence and iot technologies to manage industrial facilities more efficiently and securely.

In the live viewing interface via the Interactive Sketch, people can be searched and the people in the floors and areas are shown. The positions of the personnel can be monitored instantly.

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With various electronic sensors, Navbea helps you to monitor valuable equipment in real time, to be able to be safely tracked and to increase operational efficiency by shortening search times.

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It provides automatic monitoring and control of the images taken from ip-based cameras by processing with control templates created from taught data sets in order for industrial facilities to manage their processes more safely and efficiently.

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With real-time forklift and construction equipment monitoring and management, real-time location tracking of forklifts can be made within the facility. Remote management and monitoring opportunities are maximized by providing necessary controls, warnings and blockings according to operating rules.

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Many options are offered on the Navbea platform for access control management of personnel. With the security mobile application, controlled entry-exit management or control of the transitions from the turnstiles can be achieved. Department or person-based access authorizations can be defined through the Navbea Platform. In this way, ease of passage can be provided in doors, elevators and turnstiles.

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For emergency scenarios, facility-specific rules can be defined, automatic alarms are generated in case of rule violations. Occurring alarms are immediately notified to the relevant parties through many channels.

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In order to maximize occupational health and safety, Navbea provides real-time monitoring of the status and location of the personnel in the work areas or the person working alone, without the need for radio and telephone communication. With the Early Warning System (EUS), in the event of a possible danger or accident regarding the health and safety of the people in the facility and the facility, it helps to quickly intervene by determining the location of the people through wearable sensors.

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It may be of great importance for industrial enterprises that the personnel are present at the determined point at the determined time regarding their duties and that the tasks are performed automatically or not. With Navbea, Attendance Control and Task Management tools, micro-location-based job definitions can be made for personnel within the facility, and whether people perform their assigned tasks can be automatically monitored by means of wearable sensors.

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In industrial facilities, many processes such as production, packaging, quality control are already carried out by machines. It is of great importance to control and manage the efficiency of these machines in order not to interrupt the production. Navbea platform offers solutions for real-time monitoring and management of machines to create maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

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BLE - IoT - Wi-Fi Gateway Products
Electronic Shelf Labels

Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things Transformation

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