- Since 2013 -


Founded in 2013, our company has a young and dynamic staff in the field of technical and administrative support and aims to break new ground in internet of things (IoT) solutions. In this context, we carry out successful works by combining the knowledge and experience of our company with the consultancy of academicians and experts in the projects we carry out jointly with universities and institutions.


As KODAR, we are known for the hardware and software solutions we have developed to combine Electronic and Mobile technologies, giving great importance to R&D studies. Our goal is to represent and serve our country and our industry at the highest level.

As the KODAR team, which consists of experienced and experts in their fields, we undertake the necessary services from turnkey projects, joint development, system integration to project consultancy, in line with the needs of our customers and business partners. Our aim is to offer the most innovative products, with the best technology collaboration, by providing the best service and support.


Our aim is to make our brand value more recognizable without deviating from the route we set in our organization, to provide people with a higher user experience and to make them happy.


To ensure the continuity of a brand that includes quality, sustainable, innovative and distinctive products in the field of technology and R&D. Our company, which offers solutions that interact emotionally with users without moving away from the function, is determined to transfer these values ​​to the future with the awareness that no success is free of cost.

Our Quality Policy

While meeting the needs and expectations of our customers with our high technology products, functional and high quality software solutions;