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Indoor Digitization

What is Indoor Digitization?

In complex buildings, our focus is geo-based information systems with analytics and monitoring functions. We offer solutions for the digitalization of plants in different sectors and the automation of processes.
Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation System is a system supported by electronic devices that help locate people and objects in the environment of buildings wirelessly. While navigating a place, GPS-based applications are used extensively to find the destination and arrive easily, they work with high accuracy for outdoor environment, but GPS signal is low in indoor environments, so it does not work properly indoors. In recent years, advanced indoor positioning and indoor navigation systems for indoor areas offer a better solution in these areas. The growing demand for indoor positioning devices and solutions to be applied in various fields, such as commercial buildings, healthcare, hotels, oil and gas, mining and other similar fields, supports the development of indoor positioning and indoor navigation systems.

Excellent Employee and Visitor Experience


Navbea helps you manage staff attendance management in office spaces in real time, far ahead of traditional technologies. You can monitor this data in real time, as well as integrate with the software you use for salary and payroll accounts.


By means of wearable sensors, the working hours of the personnel are automatically detected. There is no need for traditional use such as card reading or fingerprint scanning at any point. Guest entry is made much more practical and faster with ID scanning technology.


Real-time location data helps you optimize your office spaces by improving facility planning based on occupancy and employee KPIs in office environments. With the density map tool, you can analyze how busy your office is at which times.

Emergency Management


You can monitor office security 7/24 at maximum level with sensors such as ambient temperature and humidity, person detection, light and contact detection. As soon as the system goes out of the value ranges that you have defined for the sensors, it immediately informs the relevant parties.


With the help of wearable sensors, the location of people can be monitored in real time. The last positions of the people who come or not to the assembly areas in case of emergency can be monitored instantly from mobile devices. In this way, faster and safer evacuation can be made.


Personnel and guests with wearable sensors in the facility (falling, standing still, emergency help requests) are detected by the Emergency (SOS) button and sensors on the wearable cards. The person who needs help and the location information are instantly communicated to the relevant people.

Workplace Safety


Minimize risks such as guests gaining access to confidential information from the company. The entrance and exit of the facility, the location and duration of the guests can be monitored in real time and retrospectively.


Within the facility, staff and guests can access areas within their authorization. If the personnel or guests enter a zone where they are not authorized, an alarm occurs and the relevant persons are immediately informed.


Social contact data of personnel and guests with wearable technology can be recorded, and the information of the contacted persons can be reported in case of illness in any employee.

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