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Motion and Condition Monitoring Solutions

What is Motion and Condition Monitoring with RTLS and IoT?

Real-time and reliable detection of the presence of people or objects simplifies density management indoors.
Motion is detected by infrared thermopile sensors and the current situation is checked depending on the radiant heat emitted or reflected from the objects. The sensors can detect moving and stationary objects as well as the direction of movements. This offers opportunities for hotspot detection, people counting, environmental due diligence, energy savings, and more.
Ultrasonic sensors detect people, objects or fill levels with great precision and over a wide range of distances, even in the presence of fog, dirt and dust. Possible applications include vehicle detection, factory automation, people counting and fill level control.
Conventional presence detectors based on passive infrared (PIR) detect physical presence indoors and are ideal for offices, public buildings, corridors, storage areas and toilets. They are characterized by their simple construction, low maintenance requirements and a convincing price / performance ratio. One of the most common applications is availability dependent and energy efficient lighting control.
Motion sensors measure the movement, acceleration or vibration of a device or system. They can be used for occupancy detection and fall detection, among other sensors. Sometimes motion sensors come as a built-in element of BLE beacons.
Using the web-based Navbea Sensor monitoring and management tools, you can reliably monitor the status of machines and systems and view sensor output signals.

Motion and Status Monitoring Sensors

Navbea Card

Name Badge Navbea Card X Beacon is a useful and long range beacon with a range of almost 150 m. But the range depends on the working environments. Navbea Card X belongs to the ultra low power ARM® chipset NORDIC® nRF52 series. Its dimensions are 89.59 x 54.13 mm and its thickness is approximately 4.20 mm.

This BLE card marker contains a high-quality, soft-packaged Li-MnO5 battery that can last up to 2 years. Like its range, battery life is dependent on the operating environment.

This device contains an LED and will flash after the interval when the battery level drops below 5%. It also sends real-time notifications for battery level. The transmission power range of the iBeacon board is from -40dBm to +4dBm. All devices with iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ support this cue card. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices.

The cue card comes with a high quality antenna with 50 ohm power. The default case color of this device is white, but it can be customized. It is also possible to print the logos of different companies.

Navbea Wristband Social Distancing

SM1 Social Distance wristband, distance range can be changed, for example, when users are within 2 meters of each other, SM1 sensitively detects and warns the user with visual red light and vibration, it is a Bluetooth® beacon that monitors social distance. The SM1 wristband can store more than 20.000 data records.

Navbea Light Control

The light sensor beacon S2 uses the latest and greatest technology Bluetooth® 52 hardware platform, based on the Nordic nRF5.0 series chipset. It can detect whether there is ambient light. It is designed for commercial advertising, indoor location-based service and is specialized for asset management and tracking applications.

Moreover, if standard iBeacon firmware is required, the S2 Light sensor can run smoothly on beacon hardware.

Navbea Road Sensor

i11 Road Stud Beacon uses BLE5.0 technology, supports multiple iBeacon and Eddystone protocols (UID, URL, TLM) simultaneously.

It has strong waterproof IP68 rating, shockproof IK08, dustproof and explosion-proof rugged housing. It can be fixed to the ground or objects with screws for locating and tracking. By cutting the external wire, the lantern is very easy to operate and is widely used in large supermarkets, construction site, factories, parking lots, etc. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor harsh environments.

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