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Asset Location Tracking

Real-Time Asset Location Tracking

Digitization of assets in the supply chain; It is very important for risk management, cost control and production management.

Traditional technologies such as RFID or barcodes do not passively provide real-time location information.

Navbea with various electronic sensors
Real-time monitoring of valuable equipment helps you safely track and reduce search times and increase operational efficiency.

Asset Analysis

  • All movements of valuable assets are recorded locally.

  • All time spent on and off the workstation can be analyzed,

  • The return speed of intensive working devices can be increased,

  • The location of pallets, packages, vehicles and other equipment can be monitored in real time,

  • Tracked assets from their starting location or allowed
    If it is moved from the regions, an instant warning alarm will occur.

  • Space occupancy and asset utilization analysis can be provided.

Live / Instant View

In the live viewing interface via Interactive Sketch, assets can be searched and assets located in floors and zones are displayed. Locations of assets can be monitored instantly.

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