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Shift and Access Control

Real Time Shift and Access Control Management

Many options are offered on the Navbea platform for access control management of personnel. With the security mobile application, controlled entry-exit management or control of the transitions from the turnstiles can be achieved. Department or person-based access authorizations can be defined through the Navbea Platform. In this way, ease of passage can be provided in doors, elevators and turnstiles.


With the mobile application, the entire life cycle in the facility is recorded through the controlled access system or the readers. It facilitates Personnel Attendance Control of Human Resources Departments with its web-based interface. For Personnel Attendance Control, the personnel does not need to read the card at the entrance and exit.


Real-time guest tracking can be done within the facility. Entry-Exit authorization can be easily managed within predefined groups for guests. With Microlocation Based Authorization, information such as where and how much time the guest spent in the facility can be accessed.


At the entrance of the facility, the current HEPP code status of all staff and guests can be checked with mobile or web-based applications. In addition, the HES code status of the personnel is automatically checked by the system in specified periods, and the risky people with the HES code can be detected early.


By having the chip card read by the mobile terminal in the service vehicle, the personnel can pass, overtime control and HEPP code control. If the personnel HES code is invalid or expired, a new HES code is requested to be read. An audible alarm occurs at the entrance of the HES code risky personnel service vehicle.


By defining the working zones of the personnel, the time spent by the personnel in the working area and outside the zones can be reported in the specified time intervals. By defining location-based tasks to personnel, it can be determined who needs to be where and when, and can be controlled over the system.


According to the rule scenarios defined in the system, rule violations are transmitted to the monitoring point instantly. For example: A personnel being inactive for more than a specified period of time, Personnel entering an unauthorized area, Personnel spending more than the defined time in a region, There are more than defined personnel in a specified area.


In the live viewing interface via the Interactive Sketch, people can be searched and the people in the floors and areas are shown. The positions of the personnel can be monitored instantly.


In the event of a possible danger or accident within the facility, people who do not come to the assembly areas can be detected quickly and their last location information can be reached instantly.


Mobile controlled entrance and turnstile exit records of personnel can be reported with the Personnel Attendance Control system or communicated with third party applications via web service APIs.

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