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IoT & RTLS for health

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) IoT Based Environment, Patient, Personnel and Equipment Tracking

The inability to implement real-time monitoring, measurement and evaluation processes of people and valuable assets in hospitals causes great losses, especially safety and efficiency issues.

NavBea is an IOT (Internet of Things) platform that provides real-time monitoring of personnel, guests, valuable equipment and environmental sensor data with its various electronic equipment.

With the people, equipment and sensors defined in the system, the entire life cycle within the facility is monitored, recorded and retrospectively tracked.

How does it work?

  • Smart cards and sensors defined to patients and equipment transmit data to readers instantly.
  • These data are transmitted to the monitoring server via readers.
  • On the monitoring server, the data is processed quickly, watched live and recorded.

The application of Navbea RTLS (Real Time Location System) in healthcare field helps healthcare personnel to respond quickly in medical emergencies for patients.

The system can also be used to monitor the movements of patients, especially Alzheimer's and dementia patients, and to ensure their safety.

Today, hospital real-time location systems provide healthcare facilities with many opportunities to manage hospital services.

Some of the most important viable goals of the IOMT (Medical Internet of Things) model include monitoring the life cycle within the hospital, such as real-time positioning of patients, management of physician workflow, patient and staff safety, medical asset temperature monitoring, bed capacity management, valuable hospital equipment.

Digital Sketch

  • Live View
  • Speed ​​Dial
  • Person/Device Tracking

Personnel Reports

  • Working Times
  • Rule Violations
  • Mission Tracking

Special Reports

  • Inactivity
  • Alarm Reports
  • Leave / Absence


  • Gathering Area
  • Who is where?
  • Panic Button

Sensor Management

  • Environment Monitoring
  • Lighting Management
  • Motion Tracking

Alarm system

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Authority Control
  • Instant Alert


Some solutions offered to transform access to real-time information to maximum benefit in healthcare facilities with Navbea platform and equipment.


Personnel Positioning and Social Distance Analysis

Real-time positioning, measurement and evaluation of personnel on the digital sketch is of great importance, especially in terms of safety and efficiency. With social distance wristbands, risky people are automatically determined by monitoring their daily HES code status with social distance analysis and filiation solutions in working environments. In case of illness in any employee, the people he has been in contact with are reported.

Mother and Baby Safety

Real-time positioning system in hospitals is an important need for baby safety. The system helps caregivers to reassure mothers and babies. For this purpose, Navbea tags embedded in the wristband are used to protect babies by applying an HRTLS system based on Navbea Smart. If the person equipped with these tags passes through the exit doors equipped with readers, the alarm bell will sound. Doors will be locked and security will be maximized.


Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

It enables the measurement and monitoring of the environment in designated areas, collecting, monitoring and reporting in a single center with the appropriate sensors. It provides detailed reporting in web and mobile environments with the option of wired or wireless infrastructure, depending on the area to be applied, to monitor all environmental values, to generate alarms in case of exceeding the ambient reference values ​​(sms, siren, mobile notification, security notification) Triggering the processes defined in case of alarm.

Elderly Care and Follow-up

In many developed countries, the elderly population is increasing rapidly. Providing safe and comfortable care for aging people is an important social goal. In addition, obtaining accurate activity and real-time location information for an elderly person and rapid response in case of a fall or emergency are of great importance.

Medical Asset Tracking

Identification, real-time monitoring and management of medical assets is a vital need for every hospital. It helps to improve patient care, find assets fast within the hospital and reduce costs with defined assets, active, passive tags and the Navbea IOMT Platform.

Medication Tracking

Drug tracking systems are one of the most important factors that directly affect the quality of health services. Minimizing the occurrence of adverse events is one of the main challenges for healthcare professionals. The system uses Navbea Smart Tag technology to perform various tasks.

Blood Transfusion Monitoring

Blood transfusion is a necessity for trauma patients; therefore, automatic prediction of early blood transfusion is very important to reduce the mortality rate of patients. In this context, blood reserve, monitoring and management, the use of navbea smart tag for blood injection helps to reduce errors in the blood injection process.

Real-Time Data Collection

Navbea supports M2M technology. Real-time data from medical devices can be monitored and reported on the Navbea platform. It helps the hospital team in monitoring the condition of the patients with scenarios such as monitoring intensive care units and creating alarms within the framework of defined rules. In this way, it offers hospitals the opportunity to be a health facility that provides more efficient and higher quality services.

Emergency Management

Navbea makes it easy to manage emergencies with wearable sensors. When people stay motionless for more than a defined time, press the emergency button or fall, the system detects this and instantly informs the relevant points about the personnel information and location. Wearable sensors have an Emergency (SOS) button. The last positions of the personnel who come to the assembly areas in Emergency Situations and the personnel who do not come are displayed instantly. It offers fast polling.

Real-Time IoT-RTLS Platform Provides solutions with high return on investment in the healthcare industry.

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