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Real-Time Management for Logistics Operations and Warehouses

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Digitization of assets in the supply chain; It is very important for risk management, cost control and operations management. Traditional technologies such as RFID or barcodes do not passively provide real-time location information. Navbea helps you to maximize your operational efficiency and safety by enabling you to monitor vehicle, pallet, personnel, equipment and sensor data with various sensors.

Savings and Efficiency

Forklift Location Tracking

With real-time forklift and construction equipment monitoring and management, real-time location tracking of forklifts can be made within the facility. Remote management and monitoring opportunities are maximized by providing the necessary controls, warnings and inhibitions according to the operating rules. Working information of forklift and forklift operators can be reported.

Asset Location Tracking

Real-time monitoring of assets helps you to track them securely and increase operational efficiency by shortening search times. In the live viewing interface via the Interactive Sketch, assets can be searched and assets located in floors and zones are displayed. The locations of the assets can be monitored instantly.


With low-cost special wireless environment sensors such as lighting, temperature and humidity, and door control, the return on investment of devices that work intensively can be increased, and lighting automation can be provided by continuously controlling the environment. By monitoring the ambient temperature with heat and humidity sensors, automation of cooling and heating devices can be achieved.

Ramp Safety

Warehouse Ramp Control System

In Logitsik warehouses, warehouse doors can be managed more efficiently and safely with ramp control sensor, siren system and door control system in order to prevent work accidents that may occur on ramps where vehicles dock and to manage ramp door control.

Productivity Increase with Real-Time Task Management

Person Based Task Management

Micro location-based task assignments can be made to employees within the facility. The presence of location-based tasks defined for people can be automatically checked whether the person is present at the defined point at the defined time, or for the period of time required to be present.

Group Based Task Management

Group/department assignments based on micro location can be made to employees within the facility. Location-based tasks defined to groups can be automatically checked by the group whether they are present at the relevant point in time, or for the duration that they should be.

Recurrent Maintenance Management

The tasks that the maintenance teams need to do at repetitive times within the facility can be easily managed by defining location-based repetitive tasks. In this way, micro-location-based control and continuity of critical tasks of maintenance teams can be automatically audited.

Performance Measurement

The tasks assigned to individuals or groups and whether these tasks are done or not are recorded by the system. Comparative performance measurements of personnel can be made on a daily, weekly, monthly or determined time intervals.

Automatic Checking

The locations of people are analyzed in real time by means of wearable sensors. Time-defined micro-location-based tasks assigned to individuals or groups and their working areas and actual locations are controlled by the system automatically.

Offsite Analysis

Work zones and location-based tasks defined for individuals or groups, the time spent by these people outside their work zones and places of duty can be analyzed. If they are out of duty for more than the defined time, an alarm can be generated.

Contactless Attendance Management and Access Control

Attendance Check

Navbea helps you manage personnel attendance control management in workspaces in real time far beyond traditional technologies. You can monitor this data in real time, as well as integrate with the software you use for salary and payroll accounts.

Contactless Access

By means of wearable sensors, the working hours of the personnel are automatically detected. There is no need for traditional use such as card reading or fingerprint scanning at any point. Guest entry is made much more practical and faster with ID scanning technology.

Density Analysis

Real-time location data helps you optimize your workspaces by improving facility planning based on occupancy and employee KPIs in work environments. With the density map tool, you can analyze how busy your facility is at which times.

Emergency Management

Security with Ambient Sensors

With sensors such as ambient temperature and humidity, person detection, light and contact detection, you can monitor the safety of the workplace 7/24 at the maximum level. As soon as the system goes out of the value ranges that you have defined for the sensors, it immediately informs the relevant parties.

Evacuation and Assembly Management

With the help of wearable sensors, the location of people can be monitored in real time. The last positions of the people who come or not to the assembly areas in case of emergency can be monitored instantly from mobile devices. In this way, faster and safer evacuation can be made.

Faster Emergency Management

Personnel and guests with wearable sensors in the facility (falling, standing still, emergency help requests) are detected by the Emergency (SOS) button and sensors on the wearable cards. The person who needs help and the location information are instantly communicated to the relevant people.

Workplace Safety

Real-Time Guest Tracking

Minimize risks such as guests gaining access to confidential information from the company. The entrance and exit of the facility, the location and duration of the guests can be monitored in real time and retrospectively.

Protection of Private-Confidential Data

Within the facility, staff and guests can access areas within their authorization. If the personnel or guests enter a zone where they are not authorized, an alarm occurs and the relevant persons are immediately informed.

Contact Tracking and Management (Covid-19)

Social contact data of personnel and guests with wearable technology can be recorded, and the information of the contacted persons can be reported in case of illness in any employee.

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